sometimes it’s about more than just a meal. We love inventive projects and good collaborations.

When not catering local private events in the LA area, Anne Lee and her team work to create experiential events that are open to the public and go beyond the dinner table.

These come in many forms, from pop-up dining events – Stop and Smell Your Dinner, dinner theater – The Magician and The Cook, a community supportive LA food festival – EastSide Food Festival, or simply beautiful experiences in beautiful places like menu collaborations with the A Day Inseries.

Instead of the small and static menus at traditional restaurants, pop up dinners and one-off dining events allow for a unique dining experience and chef experimentation of new recipes and innovative techniques.

Unique projects like these ensure diners will experience an event and dining experience like no other; a meal that can only be experienced once, and one guests will not soon forget. Have an idea for a new food based project? Please get in touch!