• Napoles Ceviche – Summer Mexican Cactus Salad! – Recipe

    There are certain foods that you only get certain times of the year. I always try to take advantage of these things, and get creative with what I make to play with the most fun seasonal recipes I can. WELL! That being said, we all know how crazyyyyyy hot this LA Indian Summer has been. Which means that the produce that survives best in our desert climate is abundant – including Cactus! Now, I know that most people in the US may not be accustomed to eating cactus, but in some countries – like Mexico – it is a fairly common practice. When I was at the farmer’s market last weekend, the broad green pads of the Napol cactus plant inspired me… to make Napoles (Cactus) Ceviche!
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  • Saffron Risotto Stuffed Squash Blossoms Recipe

    In the heat of summer, the farmers markets give us these seasonal treats to play with. Squash Blossoms are only available in the Spring and Summer, when all varieties of summer squash are abundant in full force. A trip to the farmers market gave us a full box of squash blossoms. So the question is, what to do with them??? After some thought, we decided to keep it simple and delicious. Really let these babies shine through!  See more for the full recipe.

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