stop and smell your dinner

experiential scented pop-up dining in Los Angeles

Stop and Smell Your Dinner is an underground interactive pop-up dining experience based in Los Angeles. This fun and innovative project between Chef Anne Lee of Castle Gourmet and Saskia Wilson-Brown of the Institute for Art and Olfaction features a four-course menu creatively paired with essential oils and complementary aromas. Each scent is carefully selected to enhance the food that is served with, by directly complimenting the ingredients or adding new dimensions and complexity to the flavors of each dish. More than your typical restaurant dining experience, this special meal is designed to transport you on an experimental journey guided by your senses. Prepare your taste buds to expect the unexpected, as Chef Anne Lee and IAO replace traditional ingredients with a thoughtful curation of fragrances that will cause you to second guess what you think is on your plate and what scents are in the air. For each meal, Chef Anne Lee combines modern techniques and presentation with locally sourced, organic fruits and vegetables, sparing no expense for taste. Menus are carefully selected using the freshest available ingredients, so each menu will be uniquely based on what fruits and vegetables are in season and bursting with flavor. The dinners are crowd funded, prix fixe, and vegan by design, with seasonal or internationally inspired themes. Each dinner is a whole new experience, with the menu always changing and taking place in new underground locations, giving guests an opportunity to dine with strangers in some of the most creative spaces around town.

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and can be purchased in the month leading up to each event

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