HOLY MOLY! (Errrrr i should say Mole) MENU for Friday’s STOP AND SMELL YOUR DINNER announced!
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~ First Course ~ Caramelized Yam, Savory Poached Pear, Burnt Grape, Cardamom Coconut Cream, Curried Red Wine Reduction
~ Scent Paring: Cade / Hinoki / Lavender ~ A subtly burnt juniper and hinoki wood blend, softened with high elevation lavender.

~ Second Course ~ Indian Summer Caprese Salad – Baby Heirloom Tomato, Watermelon, Mozzarella Spheres, Walnut Pesto Dressing, Local Olive Oil, Balsamic
~ Scent Paring: : Lemongrass / Paradisamide ~ A blend of bright bitter lemongrass with guava and rhubarb.

~ Main Course ~ Otoño de Verano Tamal – Millet Tamale, Fall Pumpkin, Chili, Green Pistachio Mole, Quince Black Beans, Avocado Cream, Crema, Pomegranate Pico de Gallo, Corn Flake
~ Scent Paring: Cumin / Cilantro / Triplal ~ A bold aromatic cumin complemented with a fresh, green, leafy cilantro.

~ Dessert ~ Ginger Peach Ice Cream, Brown Sugar Crumble, Salt Caramel, Green Tea
~ Scent Pairing: Methyl Cycle Pentenolone / Dewfruit ~ A sweet caramelized maple and coffee blend, with a surprising melon undertone.