the magician and the cook

we invite you to experience an intimate evening, complete with magic and mystery

Private dinner theater with a magical twist – hosted by renowned magician Rob Zabrecky and innovative Chef Anne Lee Huffman

In live performances, Zabrecky invents a magical world through a series of strange and beautiful effects which he combines with remarkable timing and sensational theatrical edifice. Like film director David Lynch, he sets the stage for everyday life, then sets it on fire. In 2011 and 2012 he was voted Stage Magician of the Year at the Magic Castle. “Rob Zabrecky – the name means ‘Abracadabra,’ sideways” – LA Weekly. Adding to this evening of wonder, Chef Anne Lee Huffman of Castle Gourmet Dining brings you Culinary Alchemy – a playful meal with an air of mystery… with Culinary Alchemy, the menu comes in the form of fine dining and not only satiates, but entertains the eater – engaging their mind and senses through an interactive experience. Chef Anne Lee combines her fundamental knowledge of plant-based food and flavor with the worlds of Molecular Gastronomy and make-believe, resulting in an evening of haute cuisine dishes that take on a magic of their own. Rounding out the auditory portion of the evening, the air is filled with whimsical renditions of your favorite songs by pianist Kristian Hoffman, who has been called “one of the underground’s best songsmiths” – Rolling Stone.

experiential dining in its perfect form