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  • Summer Salad with Napoles Foam

    Last week the farmers market inspired me to play a bit with Napol. Things got exciting in the kitchen and we were eating the  Napoles Ceviche Recipe for daysssss around here! (Yum yum yum yum)

    Well, sometimes my inspirations lead to more inspirations, and while I was creating that super simple recipe, I just couldn’t help myself. I had to play around even more! This recipe I’m keeping TOP SECRET, but I absolutely needed to share the pix….
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  • Napoles Ceviche – Summer Mexican Cactus Salad! – Recipe

    There are certain foods that you only get certain times of the year. I always try to take advantage of these things, and get creative with what I make to play with the most fun seasonal recipes I can. WELL! That being said, we all know how crazyyyyyy hot this LA Indian Summer has been. Which means that the produce that survives best in our desert climate is abundant – including Cactus! Now, I know that most people in the US may not be accustomed to eating cactus, but in some countries – like Mexico – it is a fairly common practice. When I was at the farmer’s market last weekend, the broad green pads of the Napol cactus plant inspired me… to make Napoles (Cactus) Ceviche!
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  • PIZZA? Breakfast Pizza!- Recipe

    This past weekend I woke up Sunday morning and for some odd reason I had one thing on my mind… PIZZA! Breakfast pizza, to be exact. It was breakfast time after all. And though there are literally a slew of places in my Los Feliz neighborhood where one can go and get breakfast pizza, my craving was very specific. I didn’t just want to EAT Breakfast Pizza, I wanted to MAKE Breakfast Pizza.

    Mind you – I have never actually made Breakfast Pizza before. For real! I mean, sure I have made Breakfast, and I guess I occasionally make a pizza here and there. But I had never before made Breakfast Pizza. And it was time! Here is the secret that I will share with all of you – I didn’t have all of the proper ingredients, I was fully unprepared, but the ingredients for this recipe are so basic that it didn’t matter. And the best thing about the recipe is that you can do whatever you want.
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  • TOMATO TAKEOVER! – recipe

    Help! My garden is experiencing a mega TOMATO TAKEOVER!
    I’ve never seen tomato plants at big as these. Not to mention that my garden is hydroponic, so I’m amazed at their giant success. Lucky for me, the result is BIG, beautiful, juicy fruits from the vine. Now, just a matter of figuring out how to eat them all… Also lucky for me, they are growing right next to an equally large Italian Basil plant!

    Whether it is from your own garden or bought from your local grocery or farmer, this is prime time for tomatoes. With fruit this fresh, my go-to is basic as can be – a traditional Italian style Heirloom Caprese Salad! These ingredients and procedure couldn’t be simpler, but in these warm summer months the result is superb.
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  • Summer Rainbow Vegetable Skewers – Recipe

    HELLOOOOOO AUGUST! It’s another hot hot Summer day and we are ready for the pool. Nothing goes better with a pool than a BBQ, and I can’t wait to grill.  These amazing and beautiful Rainbow Veggie Skewers are the perfect thing to get the party started. Serve as a side or just eat them as is – they are great either way! And they are SO SIMPLE to make. You don’t have to be a wizard in the kitchen to whip them up.

    The steps are simple

    1: Get your veggies! Any veggies will do, but make sure they are hearty enough to stay on the skewer and not fall off while cooking. Most can be grilled fresh, but some (like potatoes) will need a little bit of cooking before going on the grill.

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  • Photos from our SPRING EDITION

    Thanks to everyone who came out to STOP AND SMELL YOUR DINNER: SPRING EDITION!  The evening was beautiful, and filled with wonderful people. Pix are up on our Facebook page, so go take a look.
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  • MENU Announced for Thurs, Dec 18!

    smell you dinner logo

    Chef: Anne Lee

    Salad: Shaved Brussells Sprouts and Fennel Salad, Persimmon, Pomegranate, Toasted Almonds, Creamy Blood Orange Miso Dressing.

    Soup: Creamy Smoked Parsnip and Cauliflower Soup, Puff Pastry, Beet Jellee, Pistachio, Parsley, Local Olive Oil

    Main: Walnut Pesto Risotto with Sweet Green Peas, King Oyster Mushroom Scallops, Crispy Fried Potato Nest, Chives

    Dessert: Traditional Holiday Pie Trio, with a Twist! Apple Cinnamon Pie Pop Tart. Spiced Pumpkin Pie Mouse with Coconut Whipped Cream. Pecan Pie Turtle with Graham Cracker Cookie, Pecan Praline, Bourbon Caramel

    Menu is subject to change.
    All menu items are plant based (Vegan)
    Scent pairing by Institute of Art and Olfaction to be announced!
    Chef: Anne Lee Huffman // Scent Pairing: Saskia Wilson-Brown


    We’re also teaming up with the Atwater Village based food collective and art space Thank You For Coming again! Thank You For Coming is a collectively-run restaurant that is home to an artist-in-residence program. They are incredible people at an incredible place! And, the evening will be hosted by the delightful Phyllis Navidad.

    Don’t miss it! It will sell out fast.


    Date: Thursday, December 18, 7:30pm
    Location: Thank You For Coming: 3416 Glendale Blvd, LA, CA 90039
    Limited seating, tickets required
    Purchase at:

    Dinner and Scent Pairing $65.00
    Wine Pairing: $25

  • Castle Gourmet Dining

    The Castle Gourmet : A Pop-Up Dining ExperienceInstead of the small and static menus at traditional restaurants, pop up dinners and one-off dining events allow for a unique dining experience and allow chef experimentation of new recipes and innovative techniques. The unique menus ensure diners will experience an event and dining experience like no other; a meal that can only be experienced once, and one diners will not soon forget.

    For each meal, Chef Anne Lee combines gourmet techniques and presentation with locally sourced organic fruits and vegetables, focused on health but sparing no expense for taste. Menus are carefully selected using the freshest available ingredients, so each menu will be unique based on what fruits and vegetables are in season and bursting with flavor. The dinners are crowd funded, prix fixe, and vegan by design, with seasonal or internationally inspired themes. Invite only dinners ensure each diner is cared for and given five star treatment in an intimate setting. Dinners are designed not to imitate traditional meat-based dishes but to create new menageries of tastes based on palates of flavor to create familiar but new sensations.

    To start receiving information on upcoming dinner events from Chef Anne Lee and The Castle Gourmet, please fill out and submit the form on the website

    All meals are animal product free. All ingredients are sourced locally and organic when possible.

    Bio – Chef Anne Lee

    Chef Anne Lee’s passion for cooking grew from years of travelling as a vegetarian and sampling some of the best cuisine the world had to offer. Experimentation grew into a thirst for more advanced techniques and a palate for gourmet cooking. Anne studied raw vegan cuisine at Living Light Culinary Institute in Northern California, and then intensive course in gourmet, health supportive cuisine at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City, honing her interest in natural plant based cuisine. Anne now resides in Los Angeles where, in addition to working at Flore Vegan Restaurant, she hosts private dining events and pop up dinners for an exclusive clientele of entertainers, musicians, and artists