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Castle Gourmet is Modernist Vegetable Cuisine from Los Angeles based chef and owner, Anne Lee Huffman. Castle Gourmet’s vegetable focused menus combine modern techniques with locally sourced, fresh ingredients, creating stunning presentations while sparing no expense for taste.

Anne Lee is on the constant search for new food experiences. She trained in culinary arts in New York City, the Bay Area, and Los Angeles before broadening her culinary knowledge by exploring the local cuisines across the world in places such as Asia, Morocco, and Latin America, further refining her palate.

A healthy obsession with contemporary cuisine led her to train in molecular techniques, bringing a new air of excitement to her dishes. With emphasis on sustainability, her desire to recreate and share these food experiences in a way that incorporated her own personal ideals inspired the creation of Castle Gourmet.


Castle Gourmet Catering provides custom catering to fit the vision of your individual event. Whatever your taste and preference, Chef Anne Lee’s versatile experience allows her to work with you to create a specialized menu and aesthetic best suited for your party. Visit the Catering page for further information on our seasonal menus, services, and on how to book your next event!



We don’t just cook, we also love to throw parties! We work with a variety of people to create amazing and unique experiences, throughout the year. Currently, we have two ongoing pop-up dining events – Stop and Smell Your Dinner  &  The Magician and The Cook. Owner Anne Lee Huffman is also the driving force behind the EastSide Food Festival – an annual food event held in LA’s east side. Not to mention whatever else may come along. Explore the projects curated by Chef Anne Lee.



  • Summer Rainbow Vegetable Skewers – Recipe

    HELLOOOOOO AUGUST! It’s another hot hot Summer day and we are ready for the pool. Nothing goes better with a pool than a BBQ, and I can’t wait to grill.  These amazing and beautiful Rainbow Veggie Skewers are the perfect thing to get the party started. Serve as a side or just eat them as is – they are great either way! And they are SO SIMPLE to make. You don’t have to be a wizard in the kitchen to whip them up.

    The steps are simple

    1: Get your veggies! Any veggies will do, but make sure they are hearty enough to stay on the skewer and not fall off while cooking. Most can be grilled fresh, but some (like potatoes) will need a little bit of cooking before going on the grill.

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  • Saffron Risotto Stuffed Squash Blossoms Recipe

    In the heat of summer, the farmers markets give us these seasonal treats to play with. Squash Blossoms are only available in the Spring and Summer, when all varieties of summer squash are abundant in full force. A trip to the farmers market gave us a full box of squash blossoms. So the question is, what to do with them??? After some thought, we decided to keep it simple and delicious. Really let these babies shine through!  See more for the full recipe.

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  • Join us at our GARDEN PARTY Saturday, July 11!

    Castle Gourmet & Institute for Art and Olfaction Present

    Stop and Smell Your Dinner SUMMER GARDEN PARTY  –
    An interactive scented pop-up dining experience

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